Saturday, April 17, 2010

Newest Member of the Crew

Say hello to Magic!
The newest member of the crew is ready to have her pictures shared with the world. These pictures were taken when Magic was very newborn, so as you can imagine she is much bigger now! Magic was born on March 24, 2010 from our beautiful Darcy and shows great promise already. She is growing up fast and looks to have great fleece that is as curly as can be!
Magic Magic Magic Magic
Magic Magic Magic Magic

And don't forget about all of our other alpacas as well! Here are some recent pictures of the rest of the herd!
Simoni Simoni and Chica Simoni (if you are wondering how in the world Simoni can see anything with that hairdo, then the answer is, no she cannot see anything... she has to lift her head way up high to be able to see)

Chica Chica Chica and Constance Chica
Simoni and Chica together:
Simoni and Chica Simoni and Chica Simoni and Chica
If you are at all interested in expanding your herd with one of our fantastic animals, please feel free to contact us at or you can check us out on Alpaca Nation!

Alpacas not shown in pictures: Nebula, Darcy.

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