Tuesday, June 5, 2007

She's Still Winning

We are so proud of Darcy Dakotia because at almost four years old she is still winning the blue ribbon at fleece shows. Her beautifully fine, dense, lusturous fleece won a blue ribbon at the AOBA National Conference Fleece show.

The AOBA National Conference was very interesting. We attended a lot of seminars conducted by industry experts. Dr. Norm Evan's talk on the benefits of skin biopsy was particularly interesting. We have biopsied both Darcy and Nebula and are anxious to get the results. I can understand now what a valuable tool the skin biopsy can be in guiding our breeding program.

This was our first time at the conference so there was no standard to judge it by, but I couldn't help overhearing some disgruntled long time members gossiping about the high price of attendence and other issues with AOBA that I can't recall right now. I guess once I get my feet a little wetter in this I'll understand the politics more. Unfortunately politics play a role everywhere!